500L Puncheon Barrel | 3 or 4 Year Air-Seasoned Wood

3 or 4 Year Open Air-Seasoned Oak

A perfect barrel for fermentation or aging of wines when looking for elegance, subtlety and balance.

The Grand Cru Series 500L Puncheon delivers seamless integration of wine and oak due to the optimum ratio between the surface area of wood and the volume of wine. The oxygen transfer is lower than with smaller barrels, ensuring better protection and providing the wine with tautness and freshness.

Tasting Notes

The Grand Cru Series 500L Puncheon broadens and deepens the fruit expression and provides elegance, balance, more precision and purity in the mouth.

The barrels contribute exceptionally complex flavors and aromatics in use with white and red varietals from Rhone Valley, Italian, Spanish regions and also special cuvées with Bordeaux varietals.


  • WOOD SELECTION: Hand-selected American White Oak.
  • 100% CERTIFIED NATURAL SEASONING: A minimum of 36 months for our Grand Cru barrels. 48 months for the Grand Cru Limited Edition.
  • EXPERT TOASTING TECHNOLOGY: Toasted over an open oak fire, employing precise time and temperature formulas, monitored by computerized sensors.
  • HACCP: Food safety certified and computerized traceability.
  • SUPERIOR AESTHETICS: Superb workmanship and finishing.
Barrel Size Length Head Diameter Bilge Diameter Weight Hoops Thickness
500 L
132 GL
105 cm
41.3 in
79.4 cm
31.25 in
96.1 cm
37.8 in
80 kg
176 lb
8 27 mm
1.06 in

Barrel Sizes

500 L
132 GL
Length 105 cm
41.3 in
Head Diameter 79.4 cm
31.25 in
Bilge Diameter 96.1 cm
Weight 80 kg
176 lb
Hoops 8
Thickness 27 mm
1.06 in