Local News Clipping, 1933

Canton Bag & Barrel,
Livermore Branch, 1941

Letterhead, 1956

At the Cooperage in the 1980s

Grand Cru Barrel Brand, 2002

Our History

1933 Canton Barrel & Bag Company, Inc. is established in the town of Canton, Ohio.
1940s Canton develops its business with wineries on the West Coast.
1983 Moved to the new cooperage in Lebanon, Kentucky – Canton’s headquarters today.
1998 Canton is acquired by Chêne & Cie, owners of Taransaud Cooperage in Cognac, France.
2002 The Grand Cru barrel is introduced. It is the first barrel made with American White Oak that has been open air-seasoned for three years.
2005 Canton releases the first 4 year open air-seasoned American Oak barrel, now named the Grand Cru Limited Edition.
2006 Receives certification for the true open air-seasoning of the wood.
2007 Canton’s barrels are HACCP certified.
2013 Canton introduces the Vintage Premium barrel.