Spirit by Canton | Craft Spirits Barrel

Craft Spirits Barrel

The Spirit by Canton barrel is designed to reveal the full potential of your premium spirits. At Canton, we have built on our 80+ years in barrel making to craft this first-class 53 gallon barrel.

Manufactured in Kentucky, the Spirit by Canton barrel offers the features of a traditional spirit barrel, enhanced by our stringent American oak selection, expert craftsmanship and superior aesthetics. We offer multiple options of char, toast and wood selection, providing a full spectrum of aromatic variations.

Expert Char

  • All barrels are pre-toasted and then charred, according to our house formula.
  • Standard char for staves is 3.0 – 4.0 (“Alligator” char). Other char levels available upon request.
  • Barrel heads can be charred or toasted upon specification.

Wood Quality

  • Carefully selected American white oak.
  • Seasoned for a minimum of 12 months in our woodyard in Kentucky, to ensure smooth tannins and taste.
  • All staves are hand selected to ensure premium quality and aesthetic appeal (no sap wood).

Customizable Flavor

It is possible to vary the following parameters and options:

  • Wood seasoning – longer seasoned wood available.
  • Wood selection – options for white oak sources.
  • Fire toasting can be offered instead of charring.

Special Features

  • HACCP food safety – third-party certified since 2006.
  • Computerized traceability. Unique identification number per barrel.
  • Haloanisole and Halophenol panel tested multiple times during production process.
  • Barrels are sealed with a plastic cup and shipped with a bung (wood or silicone, upon specification).
  • Barrel integrity – can be stored empty for several months before filling.
  • Galvanized steel hoops.
  • Laser branding. Optional customized logo on barrel head.
  • Sanded and hand finished, with reduced splinter risk.
  • Reinforced packaging available upon request.
  • One year warranty.
Barrel Size Length Head Diameter Bilge Diameter Weight Hoops Thickness*
200 L /
53 Gallon
88.9 cm
35 in
55.8 cm
22 in
68 cm
26.8 in
48 kg
105 lb
6 24 mm
15/16 in

Barrel Sizes

200 L /
53 Gallon
Length 88.9 cm
35 in
Head Diameter 55.8 cm
22 in
Bilge Diameter 68 cm
26.8 in
Weight 48 kg
105 lb
Hoops 6
Thickness* 24 mm
15/16 in

* Finished stave thickness